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for the tunes that make your tummy flutter.
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Music for tummies! Okay, okay, so it's a cheap rip-off of Music For Dummies - because caravan_voyager found the idea hilarious and theetoanunnery jumped on the bandwagon sharpish. But there is a theory behind it. This community was created for the songs that make your tummy flutter; the track that changed your day. The list of bands in our interests section is by no means a restriction, just a guideline and something to draw in the crowds. There are hundreds of music-requesting communities around lj - we are not one of them. We like recommendations that come with pretty pictures. Post bloody Black Eyed Peas and you're out.


The community is actively moderated and 100% locked but only for the sake of protecting our members and for quality control! If you apply for membership, you're very likely to be accepted. Your ever-loving Mods are Zoe and Lee but please don't take community issues to our personal journals, email is best.


We don't "promote" and certainly wouldn't ask you to. But tell your friends - the more, the proverbial merrier!


Info layout from heartdivide; pattern from squidfingers.com. Thank-you!

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